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Financial Assistance for Domestic Violence Victims

About Us

  • Welcome to ASHLEY MADISON ID, We are a safety service company that provides special companionship.
  • Our goal is to arrange unique and SAFE matchmaking services online while at the sane time finding a soul mate for you.
  • We believe that we will be able to provide you with quality matches to bring you a step closer to finding your soulmate.
  • The benefits of having a ASHLEY MADISON ID: users can verify their identity using it, reducing the risk of identity theft, financial fraud, catfishing, and of course bad first dates.
  • The beauty of meeting someone online is you can get to know them without the pressure of being face to face. However, online matchmaking should remain fun and it can be when practiced safely.
  • The world of dating has changed massively over the years. With the innovations on the internet and the tech industry, we've gone from asking people out at the local pub to set up online profiles with intensive matchmaking questionnaires that assess us in-depth for our taste in music, our dislikes, and our inside leg measurements.
  • Well, that's how it feels, at least. So what are you waiting for? Get trusted now and be safe!!

How It Works



Ashley Madison ID use reasonable security measures to help protect and prevent the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. We use industry standard efforts, such as firewalls to safeguard your personal information. While perfect security does not exist on the Internet, or else where, our technical staff works hard to help ensure your secure use of our services.



Ashley Madison ID is globally recognized safety in online dating, that's why most dating sites and apps today rely on this system. If you want to meet someone on a dating sites or apps you must go to through the process of Online Trusted Stamp to prove that you are not misrepresenting your name and age, you have no online dating criminal record or any means, and that you are not using fake photos on your profile.



Online dating websites and apps are undeniably full of fake peoples specially free dating sites/apps wherein members are not being monitored and verified, that's why getting your own Ashley Madison ID is strictly required by Ashley Madison services. It's not perfect method for identity verification but until the Internet has the 100% guaranteed solution for this issue (online dating scam), this is the best possible option for staying safe at online dating sites/apps.

Would you like to reduce your risk of identity theft, financial fraud, catfishing, and bad first dates?


Our Mission

Ashley Madison ID mission is to make sure that the person you will meet on dating websites has no criminal record and that is who it claims to be in its description, that is to say his/her name and contact details are accurate.

Why do you need to put your Credit Card Info or

So how do we know who is fake and who is real in a dating site? You can easily fake a profile but not a credit card, so dating sites require members to use a credit card to verify their identity.

Is this a legit dating verification?

Yes, Your date has been verified to be who he/she says. He/She is of legal age to exchange adult photos and meet you in person SAFE VERIFIER eliminates the fear of exchanging sexual content, or even worse,

Ashley Madison ID

A Verified Member

Once you've become a Verified member, upload a photo of your driver's license or passport, and get a live facial scan. The facial scan is cross-checked against your driver's license or passport photo makes sure you're a real live human.

Our Partners

We've worked with so many amazing partners in our safe matchmaking journey

Ashley Madison ID
Ashley Madison ID
Ashley Madison ID
Ashley Madison ID
Ashley Madison ID
Ashley Madison ID
Ashley Madison ID
Ashley Madison ID
Ashley Madison ID

Latest Causes

Ashley Madison ID
Domestic Violence Victims

With the goal of uplifting survivors and advocates while holding offenders accountable, AM ID hopes to push for change in a system that promotes sexism, racism, and patriarchism

Ashley Madison ID
Ending-Poverty Program

We commit our self to helping families in the poor communities improve their lives and achieve lasting victories over poverty.
Founded in to provide relief for the marginalized and the underprivileged communities.

Ashley Madison ID
Healthcare, Disability care, emergency response.

AM ID is passionate.about providing lifesaving health and disability care for the world's most vulnerable, without any discrimination.

Ashley Madison ID

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Everyone has got their own role to play in the fight to stamp out discrimination against LGBT persons and harassment to every women around the world.

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